IIT, seen as
symbol of success, is coming near as we speak. The exam is due to take place in March. And the mercury in many student's heads would have started rising by now. So as you prepare for IIT just keep in mind some simple tips which will help you get over the mental stress.

  1. Be confident about your preparation. I mean to say even if you have prepared just half the syllabus, just be confident that anything asked from there and you will be able to score. Remember, partial knowledge is a very dangerous thing. So if you have prepared something make sure you make it count. And dont be overconfident.
  2. Dont bother about the pressures of IIT. Look, at the end of the day only 7000 are going to be selected. So everyone cannot make it. Just give it your best shot and dont worry about the result.
  3. Whatever time is left now dont study any new things. It will mess up all that you have studied so far. And as you go on study new things you will realise so many other new things that you have not studied. So be specific. Just target the birds eye and hit it.

  4. Dont keep your routine flexible. Exam will start in the morning itself. So make a routine accordingly. If you dont follow a fixed routine you will suffer. And I will certainly give a reason for this. Because your body's metabolic time table will be set according to your routine. Which can give you enough stress during the examination.
  5. Dont eat anything outside your home. Just restrict yourself till the exams are over. As you dont want any diseases at this crucial juncture of your career.
  6. Realise what is your strength and work accordingly. Look for weak points in what you have studied till now. Remember you are as strong as your weakest link. And the many professors at IIT are paid just for finding the weakest links there can be.

Last but not the least take the name of GOD and give it your best shot. And if you have any question i will be more than pleased to answer.

source : ashutosh-jha.com